Preserving Nature

We’re Giving Mother Earth A Helping Hand…


We All Need A Helping Hand, From Time To Time…

It would be so easy, simply to focus on addressing climate change as a way of making the world a better place.

Whilst that’s undoubtedly a major global consideration, there are other crucial factors that need attention too, like being able to provide sustainable food options to the world. Planting food forest initiatives is surely a good way to help Mother Earth…

Project Overview

As World Game-Changers, we are immensely pleased to have co-created – in partnership with the Growing Trees Network Foundation – an initiative in Jilo, Ghana that has resulted in providing much-needed oxygen to our planet, and food for the villagers there; as well as offering love and hope to the local people, by letting them know that we are…

Planting The Seeds For Change

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Other Projects

Nurturing Young People

Young people represent the future. Their actions strongly influence what comes next for our world; fueled by their creative energy, and boundless child-like curiosity.

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Preserving Nature

Mother Earth delivers a compendium of resources that allow living beings to sustain themselves, provided she is cared for and respected.

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Protecting Animals

Animals enrich the world by teaching human beings some of the most profound lessons such as the delicate nature of relationships.

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