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As the World Game-Changers movement continues to step into the world, it does so by reflecting immense project diversity. On the one hand, serving 15 semi-professional football apprentices at Carlton Town Football Club in Nottingham, England. We then offer something completely different, with the ‘Ghana Initiative’.

As diverse as our Projects continue to be, they are all united in their loving mission to plant seeds for change, and leave the world a better place…

July 2021

Back To Basics – For All Beings

During this pandemic ordeal, many of us have learned the value of fundamental things we may have took for granted, such as health. As Paul Lowe said in a recent podcast with young game-changer Yash Bhatia, health is more valuable than money and time. To varying degrees, we have also (hopefully) learned the value of:

● Human contact/connection

● Family/friends

Freedom of movement


In a world of distractions and being a ‘busy fool,’ we sometimes forget about the important things. Now that the pandemic is loosening its grip, this is a time to get back to the things that matter. And doing those things may, indeed, change the game for you and those around you.

Speaking From Our Hearts
Volume 4: Back To Basics

In each of the previous three ‘Speaking From Our Hearts’ book volumes, the inspirational insights and motivational messages came from 22 global co authors. This time, Volume 4 – to be published 01 August 2021 – is the first of a new trio of books that builds on that same compassionate approach; this time with 7 co-authors. The new books also add-in shares and words of wisdom from guests that have selflessly contributed to the World Game-Changers podcast; starting with Key Insights from episodes (#001), (#100), (#200) & (#300).

January 2021

February  2021

March 2021

“Oh Forest We Love You!”

Whilst four of the co-authors from this book – Gary Clarke, Paul Kelly, Steve Corry, and Paul Lowe – will be very familiar with these five words that are passionately chanted from the terraces of the world-famous City Ground (home to Nottingham Forest Football Club, based in Nottingham, England), there is a far more collective consideration that brings ALL our co-authors together.

Due to Nottingham Forest’s heartfelt generosity, many young children from the village of Jilo in Ghana will benefit from wearing Forest kits, donated by the twice former European Cup Winners – contributing even further to the uplifting and well-being of the local community.

Paul Lowe offers some insight into the significance of this magnanimous donation from his beloved Nottingham Forest:

“I know first-hand the immense positive knock-on effect this will have to these young people in Ghana, when they wear the famous Garibaldi Red of Forest; it becomes so much more than just a football kit. For the youngsters, it emerges as a symbol of love and hope – knowing that ‘strangers’ from thousands of miles away, have compassionately taken them into their hearts.”

Nottingham Forest Football Club director Jonny Owen (top, left) symbolically hands over a Forest shirt to World Game-Changers director Gary Clarke, before the assortment of Forest kit is shipped to Ghana…

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