Steve Judge – England


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At the age of 28, a devastating car accident left Steve fighting for his life, but he put his faith in the hands of amazing medical staff who worked tirelessly to save him. Many hours later, he came round, only to be told that he may never walk again.

His uplifting and poignant story will enable you to achieve your own journey of excellence. He explains the tools and methods that he used, along with his messages. Steve demonstrates the many times he picked himself up – after being knocked down both mentally and physically – enabling him to go from wheelchair to world champion.

Steve is now an established author and runs his business as a resilience coach and professional speaker. He talks internationally and has received multiple speaker awards.

Reading his story with real-world takeaways you’ll learn how to ride your wave of resilience. You’ll be inspired to not lean on your excuses and be motivated to take action, by turning your excuses into challenges and achieve your own vision and goal in life.

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