Sarthak Patnaik – Netherlands


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Sarthak Patnaik is currently the CEO of Creative Xchange. His effort to change the music industry to benefit thousands of independent musicians has been applauded with many awards and mentions.

Sarthak began his career as a computer engineer and has worked with many Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo etc.

He has an MBA in finance from Rotterdam School of Management and has undertaken many corporate merger and acquisition projects.

Sarthak’s love for music has taken him on a different path from the initial corporate career. has thousands of musicians across the world and has changed the way in which musicians do business.  As per Sarthak, a comprehensive platform reduces fragmentation and makes it easy to sell services and benefits musicians and the platform intends to do just that.

His ability to connect people with experiences comes handy in creating a technology platform for the future of music. 

Creative Xchange has immense resilience and has weathered the storm during COVID-19 and helped musicians with Grammy awards to steer through the difficult times.

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