Sachin Mahadik – India


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In his circle, Sachin is synonymous with mental toughness, resilience and a quick thinker. He was pushed out of a running train at high speeds which left him with a broken neck and spinal cord injury resulting in neck-down paralysis. Left lying injured on the tracks with eight trains passing over him, Sachin was subsequently operated upon more than 15 hours after the accident and carries a metal implant in his neck on the frontal side of the vertebra.

Even after the operation his chances of regaining movement of his arms and legs were minimal. With sheer determination, self-confidence and with proper medical care, he regained full mobility within 3 months and was back on his routine commute by the same train to the college where he worked as a lecturer. He credits his recovery to prayers, support and encouragement from parents, family, friends, colleagues and his dear students.

Sachin then completed his Masters in HRM from Middlesex University, UK.  He has been a lifelong educator and worked in various capacities – from a teacher to an administrator – in the higher education sector, both in India and abroad.  His vision and firm belief that: “Education is no longer local, like business it has become GLOBAL”, has inspired him to make quality international education/programs accessible to all students. 

His faith in the role of education in international peace has inspired him to create an axis of international corporates, non-profits and educational organisations working towards this common goal.  At World Game-Changers, he continues his quest for international peace and sustainable development, through global projects and collaborative operations.  Today – in-spite of having minor physical limitations and discomforts – he leads and adventurous life and inspires others towards positive thinking.

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