Rhea Mishra (USA)


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Rhea Mishra is a rising senior at South Brunswick High School in New Jersey, USA. Growing up, she was a very creative child and loved to spend her time making many different types of arts and crafts, and singing or dancing with family and friends. Nowadays she loves to take photos of people, as well as drawing and painting various things.

Now that she is a bit more grown up, she has started to learn more about the world. She now challenges that strong energy inside of her to try and make a difference in any way she can. She believes in unity and equality, and just an overall fairness for everyone in the world. Rhea is involved in various clubs and volunteer programs such as the Public Health Club in her school, and is also a lead volunteer coordinator for a group of youth volunteers at Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Contact Rhea via:

Email: rhea.mishra04@gmail.com

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