Paul Kelly – England


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Paul’s young parents divorced before he started primary school, resulting in him and his mother going to live with his loving grandparents.

From starting primary school, Paul was always a keen sportsman, excelling at swimming, football, chess and cricket, and after establishing himself as a regular in the Nottinghamshire (UK) cricket set-up, his grandmother decided to give him the opportunity to go to a private school to play his beloved sport, something he continued in Australia.

On his return to England, Paul was attacked after a night out and hospitalised, suffering temporary blindness, a double fractured skull and memory loss. After ten days in a coma, he awoke and started to try and rebuild his life; however, he encountered severe depression, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, and heavy drinking binges.

With the help of family & friends, step-by-step, Paul began the road to recovery and happiness – a 25-year roller-coaster journey – that has taught him vital lessons…particularly using stress to achieve success.

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