Megan Gardiner – South Africa

Megan is based in South Africa where she lives on a small family farm with her
children. She is passionate about the environment and how a healthy environment
contributes to the wellbeing, not only for fauna and flora but also for humans who
interact and live in that space. She believes that all natural beings are sentient and
that they have their rightful place to co-exist and they all play a role in a holistic
ecosystem of life on this planet, not only physically but also spiritually.

As a young mother, Megan became interested in indigenous medicinal plants and grew to love how herbalism empowers people in taking control of their own health. She researches and teaches others on how to use healing plants to help themselves, their families and pets. Megan heads a local non-profit civic organisation where she lives, and strives to protect the environmental bio diversity and infrastructure, plus the quality and quantity of water in a critical water catchment area that is being threatened by large-scale corporate farming. As a student of life in this 3 rd dimension, another interest that takes up her time, is that she explores ancient history, asks the hard questions about the origins of human life and the reasons why we exist. These questions take her down many interesting rabbit holes. Megan is a social media marketing agent and assists small businesses to create an awareness of their products and services online to assist with sales and branding on social media platforms.

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