Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen – Denmark

Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen was born in a small family in Aarhus, Denmark. After backpacking through Asia, he worked for 8 years for Falck, a Danish rescue company in Denmark – specializing in rescue, fire, and ambulance service.

During this time, he – along with other volunteer colleagues – organized an ambulance-related project in Laos, Asia, consisting of training local people, and shipping 33 containers of hospital gear, fire-fighting equipment, and medical supplies, etc. The main goal was to help establish an emergency ambulance service.

At age 27, Lars took Therapist education and later an ICF Coaching education to help self-love, the life he wants to live, and assisting his work.

Since 2012, Lars is one of two driving forces behind the ‘Growing Trees Network’, a NGO based in Denmark. He passionately holds a powerful belief that together – by planting many new forests worldwide – we can help Mother Earth, the climate, animals and be with love to ourselves and the coming generations.

More specifically, he is also a great believer in ‘Theme Forests’ as part of planting billions of trees, as a result of donations from companies, fund-raising and the world’s population – ultimately contributing towards more peace in our world.

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