Katy Viguier – England


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Katy was born in Switzerland, raised in France and now lives in the south-west of England with her husband-to-be Drew, and her two wonderful sonss Thomas and Alex, who are now young men – they are both her pride and joy. She is hugely passionate about everything that is health & wellness and learning about self-care. As a single mum for over 10 years – something that was not on the agenda – Katy still considers herself a work-in-progress…but who isn’t?

With her boys growing up and being more independent, Katy started to revalue her life and recently embarked on a healing journey from past traumatic experiences, as well as learning and taking time on improving herself in all aspects of life.

Katy is a great believer that life is about learning from our own experiences and growing from them to become the best version of ourselves. Through this transformation, she is hoping to inspire, motivate, inform and especially help people on the way.

She is currently training to be a life coach and on the back of this, enrolled in a health coaching & nutritional therapy course, at the age of 49.

In the words of Mel Robbins: ‘You can reinvent yourself whenever you want’

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