John Foster – England

John Foster is a Chartered Quality Professional with a sharp sense of what it takes to drive results effectively. He has years of high-level experience in quality and has specialised in lean and total quality management. John has worked with many entrepreneurs and businesses to help them maximise their profits and time and has become known for his ability to provide sound advice whilst working with property investors, Letting agents, manufacturers and a range of other businesses.

Valued for his far-reaching expertise as much as for his unbeatable work ethic, he is a highly sought-after consultant and coach. He knows how to manage projects as well as people and is used to performing under pressure, whilst still delivering the desired results.

John is approachable, captivating when telling stories of his experiences and has a knack for coaching and leading others as he helps them to develop. John strongly believes in the concept of ongoing education, seeking constantly to expand his base of knowledge to better serve his clients.