Gary Clarke – England

From leaving school at the age of fifteen, Gary got involved with a football hooligan gang. For the following 25 years, his life became a roller-coaster of football-related violence, throughout England and abroad.

As a result of his ‘antics’ Gary spent time in Detention Centres – eventually leading to prison – before starting to turn his life around. These days, he is a hard-working family man, and is the proud owner of a business, with his wife.

Gary has been involved in writing in football-related books about his violent exploits, as well as being involved in numerous documentaries too, with people like comedian Micky Flanagan and actor Danny Dyer. He has also been a guest in a couple of films – CASS, and The Guvnors.

Gary’s life today, couldn’t be any further away from those dark, violence-filled days; he’s now heavily involved in many charitable & local football initiatives, and has become a shining example of how we can all learn from our life’s experiences – no matter how challenging – and pass-on that learning, so others may benefit…

Contact Gary via Twitter: @GBoatsy

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