Forest Conlin – USA


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Hi. My name is Forest. I live in Chicago, Illinois USA with my mommy Shona and my daddy Bob. When I was growing in my mom, something happened, and I lost all of the amniotic fluid that I was swimming in. I had only been growing for 5 months at the time. We rushed to the hospital where I was given less than a 1% chance I would live. I was scared, but the love from my parents let me know I was safe.

My mommy had to be hospitalized for almost three months to help me. Oh, and there was a global pandemic, so my daddy couldn’t come visit. So my daddy would sit outside mommy’s window and come visit and bring food for us to eat.

Even though it would take a miracle, there was still a chance I would be born healthy. So, the three of us fought with all our might to save me… and guess what? It worked!

Our story of love and hope during this pandemic went viral across the globe and many across the world know all about me!

I’m finally home with mommy and daddy, and growing strong. I’m so grateful for everyone’s support and look forward to supporting others by being a World Game-Changer Ambassador in the years to come.

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