Dr. Naboth Namara – Uganda


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Dr. Naboth Namara holds a PhD from the University of Limerick in Ireland. He is a researcher and international consultant in gender, development, education, and social justice issues among others.

Namara is the founder and Executive Director at Inclusive Development Approaches, a charity organization based in Mbarara city, south western Uganda, 270kms from the capital city Kampala.  He also runs a consultancy firm named DevLink Consults Ltd. 

Namara is passionate about, and advocates for, inclusive development, social justice, gender equality, and human rights.  In addition, he strongly believes in individual agency as the best weapon for personal liberation.  He is always looking out for like-minded individuals to push an agenda for social justice and purposeful living. 

Namara is married and lives with his wife, two daughters and two sons.

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