Dr. Linda L. Oviedo – USA


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Entrepreneurship is in Linda’s blood and international business is her inspiration.

Linda is a global visionary with a unique ability to envisage extreme cutting-edge trends that will shape a region’s global future.

She heads Elite VIP Executive VIP Coaching & Consulting (EVE Coaching & Consulting) where she empowers women to start & grow high performing & profitable businesses. Before EVE Coaching & Consulting, she founded Green Marble Group.

Linda is a leading expert in Sustainable Development concentrating in International Development and Regional Planning. She is a maven in bi-national partnership building between academia, government, business, and community, advising top-level leaders in higher education, business, governments, and communities. She creates and implements visionary US-Mexico initiatives and programs to engage universities, regional governments, business, and communities in global outreach and capacity building.

As a professor, her pedagogical style is interdisciplinary, actionable, dynamic, and engaging. Her research is fresh, innovative, and ground-breaking; it’s interdisciplinary, practical, and implementable. She can teach diverse cultural, age and professional groups drawing from her cultural diversity and travels. Her public speaking is motivating, inspirational, and engaging, drawing great enthusiasm.

She’s an entrepreneur at heart, and has inspired many multi-generational of women entrepreneurs.


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