Danielle Asah Mantho (Cameroon)


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At the age of 18, Danielle was forced by circumstances to become an entrepreneur to support herself in school when most of her peers were taking foreign vacations, attending movies and eating popcorn. Her burning desire to go to college led her into door-to-door sales, selling groundnut, part-time teaching and becoming a part-time marketing agent at a building and construction company, to save for college. That defining experiences enabled her to save enough to attend college and subsequently graduated with a Master’s degree in International Marketing in, 2018.

Danielle is an author, marketer, and the founder of DiDreams, a digital marketing agency that helps innovative solutions providers build their brands and drive more sales via social media. As a millennial marketer, mentor and entrepreneur, she brings a unique understanding of how people perceive products and how they make purchasing decisions.

For over 5 years, Danielle has blazed a unique path digital marketing. Her focus, commitment, and pursuit of new and challenging opportunities led her to become a social media manager and a developmental editor in a USA-based company. In this role, she helps published authors make a very marketable book that answers the intended audience needs and also market their books after publishing to the right audience.

In recent years, her book: Becoming Your Dream Self: 7 Keys to Own and Control Your Life as a Millennial has found a new niche amongst young millennials. Her versatile background has let her to conveying her marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in podcasts, seminars and workshops with the aim of educating, inspiring and empowering people, as well as promoting the spirit of leadership in young people in their personal, professional, academic and community lives.

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