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News September 2021

By September 1, 2021January 1st, 2022No Comments

No matter how slow the progress, we will always be ahead of those who never try…

No More Shiny Pennies!

Isn’t it true that – no matter where ever we may find ourselves, or whatever stage we may be on our journey – life constantly abounds with opportunities to progress. Surely the challenge though, is to decide what is truly a life-enhancing chance, and what is a distraction. After all, there is never a shortage of ‘shiny pennies’ awaiting to tempt us into the next, new ‘excitement-laden’ adventure.

Isn’t it also true that as humans, we can easily become trapped in the hustle & bustle of everyday life, and actually losing sight of what is really important? To coin a well-known phrase, we can easily become ‘busy fools’. Our egos become all-dominant – taking us away from that quiet, peaceful mind-space – often leading us to a place of chaos and confusion.

New Speaking From Our Hearts Book – Available from 2nd September! 

Speaking From Our Hearts Volume (5) anthology; to be released on Thursday 2nd September.

Nine co-authors from various parts of the world contribute inspirational insights and motivational messages based upon the theme of around the ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’, including first-time co-authors Rhea Mishra (USA) and Yash Bhatia

(Belgium) aged 17 and 15 respectively. This budding youth group – also including returning co-author Deeksha Sahoo (17) from India – is then joined by regular contributors such as Andrew Batt, Sharon Griffiths, Paul Kelly, Gurveer Khabra, and Kristin Johnson.

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