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News September 2021

By September 1, 2021October 11th, 2021No Comments

No More Shiny Pennies!

Isn’t it true that – no matter where ever we may find ourselves, or whatever stage we may be on our journey – life constantly abounds with opportunities to progress. Surely the challenge though, is to decide what is truly a life-enhancing chance, and what is a distraction. After all, there is never a shortage of ‘shiny pennies’ awaiting to tempt us into the next, new ‘excitement-laden’ adventure.

Isn’t it also true that as humans, we can easily become trapped in the hustle & bustle of everyday life, and actually losing sight of what is really important? To coin a well-known phrase, we can easily become ‘busy fools’. Our egos become all-dominant – taking us away from that quiet, peaceful mind-space – often leading us to a place of chaos and confusion.

New Speaking From Our Hearts Book – Available from 2nd September! 

Speaking From Our Hearts Volume (5) anthology; to be released on Thursday 2nd September.

Nine co-authors from various parts of the world contribute inspirational insights and motivational messages based upon the theme of around the ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’, including first-time co-authors Rhea Mishra (USA) and Yash Bhatia

(Belgium) aged 17 and 15 respectively. This budding youth group – also including returning co-author Deeksha Sahoo (17) from India – is then joined by regular contributors such as Andrew Batt, Sharon Griffiths, Paul Kelly, Gurveer Khabra, and Kristin Johnson.

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