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News November 2021

By November 3, 2021January 1st, 2022No Comments

The Story So Far: LEGs & LIPs…

Since its official ‘birth’ on Monday 22nd June 2020, much has emerged and evolved from the World Game-Changers (WGC) movement; to the point where we look forward to welcoming 2022 and beyond with unswerving commitment and dedication, as the WGC family continues to offer compassionate service to the world.

So what will that service look like? It will take the form of many different projects, as WGC builds on its solid foundations of ‘Being’ and begins to embrace a more balanced ‘Being-Doing’ approach. Nice words, but what does that mean, in real terms?

All WGC’s projects will sit under (at least) one of the following ten areas, known as… 

Life-Enhancing Goals (LEGs):

1. Raising Awareness & Effective Communication

2. Good Health & Wellbeing

3. Self-Empowering Education

4. Responsible & Mindful Consumption

5. Peaceful Living

6. Partnerships & Relationships

7. Business & Entrepreneurship

8. Decent Work & Economic Growth

9. Life On Land & Below Water

10. Sustainable Cities, Communities & Continents

Watch this space, for information regarding Love-Inspired Projects (LIPs) that contribute towards planting the seeds for change, that grow to produce…

New Purposeful Living

This is part of the WGC story so far – begs the question though…