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News March 2022

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We Continue To March On!

The ‘busyness’ of life, even with the last two years when the world seemed at a standstill, can often overtake us. Frenetic activity, always ‘doing,’ is often mistaken for accomplishment. Lao Tzu said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
Think of our planted forests organized by Patron Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen in Ghana, supported by our World Game-Changers community. The trees don’t seem to hurry, yet they’re achieving important things for the village of Jilo and beyond. The trees grow, yet also take time to be.
This is the case in our organization too. From the tiny seed planted in April 2020, to the growth of our movement across the globe in the present, we have taken time to be, and to do. Add-in too, the recruitment of amazing Ambassadors and Patrons, and of course last month’s ‘Being vs Doing’ virtual Open House with our panel of inspiring speakers. We have had astronomical growth in the World Game-Changers Facebook group too. The caption below though, offers a timely reminder…
As with many organizations, we balance the being with the doing. It’s one thing to talk about making a change and reaching people with inspiration, quite another to actually do it. And we honour both – because it’s the quiet reflection and making time to be, that fuels the doing.

Speaking From Our Hearts
Volume 10: From Fear To Love

We humbly celebrate our accomplishments: not least producing ten anthology-type books in the Speaking From Our Hearts series.
Over three-and-a half years, scores of compassionate co-authors from around the world have shared their many, diverse life experiences and lessons learned.
‘New’ authors to this final Speaking From Our Hearts anthology include Bob Conlin (WGC-North America Chairman) and Rubria Mendoza (Secretary-Treasurer also from our USA charitable arm), Patron Noha Hefny, Ambassadors Dr. Robert De Souza and Megan Gardiner. Katy Viguier, Anoushkka Nair, and Busingye Namara complete a very impressive 20 co-author compilation.

World Game-Changers Podcast

Two brilliant guests cover the five episodes for March. Firstly, Dr. Naboth Namara holds the first two Thursdays, as he provides heartfelt insights into ‘The Challenges Within Uganda’. The remaining month’s three episodes embrace Lyn Smith as a guest; as she joins host Paul D. Lowe to talk about beliefs, needs, and life’s purpose, respectively – you won’t be disappointed!
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