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News January 2022

By January 1, 2022No Comments

Pucker-up – It’s 2022!

So here we are – in 2022!

Whilst the last two years have arguably been some of the most extremely challenging experiences most of us have had in more recent times, let this not mask the well-founded hope that still exists throughout the world.
Add-in too the selfless compassion and commitment of people around the globe, and the picture suddenly becomes so much brighter; there is undoubtedly much to look forward to.
Certainly here at WGC, we are immensely excited at the opportunities that this brand new year will offer, particularly relating to the 10 Life-Enhancing Goals (LEGs) we have created, that were highlighted in November 2021’s news.

Love Inspired Projects (LIPS)

From this diverse – but very solid – foundation, Love-Inspired Projects (LIPs) emerge. Here’s a brief taster of some of the initiatives that will unfold, as WGC commits to making a real positive difference to all beings, throughout the world:
Continue to develop WGC-North America, as a newly-formed 501c3 charitable entity
Also, laying further foundations to create charitable entities in the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe
Around April, creating 222 limited-edition box sets from the Speaking From Our Hearts anthologies – each box set containing book volumes 1-11
Welcoming 22 young men from India – to Nottingham, England, in May – to engage them in cultural, education, and sporting experiences
Hosting the inaugural ‘WGC Impact Summit’ in London – starting on Friday 21st October – on the prestigious HQS Wellington ship
Co-creating podcast episodes – sharing guests’ invaluable insights – with a target of reaching a landmark 500 episodes before the year ends.

Whilst is this by no means a comprehensive list, it (hopefully) reflects WGC’s intention to co-create better lives – all around the world. Surely that’s something to smile about…