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News February 2021

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We All Need A Helping Hand, From Time To Time…

It would be so easy, simply to focus on addressing climate change as a way of making the world a better place.

Whilst that’s undoubtedly a major global consideration, there are other crucial factors that need attention too, like being able to provide sustainable food options to the world. Planting food forest initiatives is surely a good way to help Mother Earth.

As World Game-Changers, we are immensely pleased to have co-created – in partnership with the Growing Trees Network Foundation – an initiative in Jilo, Ghana that has resulted in providing much-needed oxygen to our planet, and food for the villagers there; as well as offering love and hope to the local people, by letting them know that we are…

Our Sustainable Forests Of Love And Hope

As the Chairman of the Growing Trees Network Foundation, I know first-hand the vital importance of our work, when planting ‘People Forests’ in Bolivia, Denmark, and Ghana.  The outcome means clean drinking water, food, carbon capture, places for animals to inhabit, as well as providing recreational areas for us humans that can support our physical and mental wellbeing.

The catastrophic climate challenge we all face globally calls for big actions right now, and it is commonly agreed among the world’s leading scientists that planting trees is the most effective way to capture and reduce CO2.  Furthermore, we see the deserts expanding, forcing local communities to flee from their homes due to drought and lack of food.

The planting of “food forests,” which take about three years to flourish. can help provide food for the financially poor community, as well as vital commodities to be traded for other crucial sustenance necessities like water, meat, and vegetables.  By establishing this new 1,000+ trees food forest in Jilo, Ghana, we are helping the locals, from heart-to-heart, as well as targeting several of the 17 World Goals.

With this latest project, we are honoured to be able to offer our trees to the villagers of Jilo, because we know that the fruit, herbal and nut trees currently being planted will send out a priceless message of love and hope to the local people.  This message is significantly reinforced by baby Forest’s arrival, his wellbeing and inspirational story – thankfully helping to highlight further:

Donated ‘food forests’ improve the everyday lives of village children and their families in Ghana, and other challenged countries.

Also, I am happy to share this love-healing tool with you because I know how it helped my own personal forest of love and hope to grow…

Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen