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News August 2021

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The World’s Changing – So Are We!

“Systems and structures change nothing; people do.”

““Children cope so much better with change than we do.”

“These are just a couple of powerful quotes from Richard Gerver; someone it may be deemed appropriate to recognise as a world change expert.

“The story of our human race is ever-changing and powerful. The story of World Game-Changers has just entered a new chapter with the appointment of Richard – an internationally-renowned educator, speaker, and best-selling author – as the WGC president.

Speaking From Our Hearts
Volume 5: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

With the latest Speaking From Our Hearts – Volume 4: Back To Basics book literally hot-off-the-press (published 1st August), a new volume is already being co-created, and will be released one month later on Thursday 2nd September.

This time, nine co-authors contribute inspirational insights and motivational messages around the stories we tell ourselves. The upshot being we become what we believe. As Henry Ford famously quoted: ‘If You Think You Can, You’re Right. If You Think You Can’t, You’re Right!’