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“Elevate Your Purpose! It’s As Simple As ABC!”

By February 1, 2021January 1st, 2022No Comments

If people are motivated by the idea of wanting something bigger and better – having a real life of purpose – then what stops this happening?

It’s a question of being stuck. Unless the pain – and suffering – in our lives is sufficiently strong enough to force change, we tend to prefer the certainty of sticking to what we know best. It’s a bit like sitting in a helicopter, but not taking off because of our fear of flying!

The reality is though, the more we can leave behind our need for certainty and embrace its counter-part – uncertainty – the more we will discover new and exciting ways to fulfil our potential. Life abounds with such opportunities – we simply need to re-visit the first three letters of the alphabet.


…before we can change anything, we at least need to be aware of it. We can’t alter what we don’t know. Where are you in your life right now – happy and fulfilled, playing full-out – or massively constrained and frustrated?


…are you aware of your beliefs and are they serving you? Have you got positive beliefs in place that support your dreams and goals or have you got underlying negative/ limiting beliefs which repeatedly sabotage your efforts? As Henry Ford famously quoted… ‘Whether you think you think you can’t – you’re right!’


…you will never solve a problem or challenge by dealing with it at the same level it was created. It’s a question of elevation, rising above and looking at it from a different – more creative perspective – just like looking at a big green field when up in a helicopter, rather than just focusing on single blades of grass on the ground.

Just as you first learnt your ABC before progressing onto bigger and better things, you can keep using that same approach to elevate your life to a whole new level. The question is: dare you risk leaving the safety of old familiar ground?

Reach out, if you want to take-off!

Written by Paul. D Lowe

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