Are You Ready To Create Your Future?

The past – as they say – cannot be changed!

Maybe not, but we can certainly learn from it, and create a better future for ourselves. Enter our mind-chatter straight away – as it defiantly bites back – within the vast majority of us at one time or another, and asserts…  ‘Ah, but it’s not that easy!’ 

The reality is though, it is!


Zebras Don’t Climb Trees!

An interesting title and maybe there’s a certain curiosity around its relevance to mastering the game of life? The relevance – in a word – is certainty. And one thing in life can we be certain about is change.

So why is it that we as human beings, generally prefer to stick with the tried-and-tested, rather than take a new path and try different things?


Elevate Your Purpose! It’s As Simple As ABC!

If people are motivated by the idea of wanting something bigger and better – having a real life of purpose – then what stops this happening?

It’s a question of being stuck.  Unless the pain – and suffering – in our lives is sufficiently strong enough to force change, we tend to prefer the certainty of sticking to what we know best.  It’s a bit like sitting in a helicopter, but not taking off because of our fear of flying!