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“Beware Your Ego – It May Cost You Everything”

By June 1, 2021January 1st, 2022No Comments

In one of the World Game-Changers podcast episodes (#200), my guest – Frank Nolan – shared a very honest, and extremely vulnerable account of how his ego nearly cost him everything…including his own life!

This brings in a very poignant question – for each and every one of us – doesn’t it; how much has our ego cost you over the years?

Ever heard the term ‘The ego can be a wonderful servant, but a dictating master’, or something similar?

So what is the ego, exactly? In simple terms, it’s our identity – who we THINK we are. Let’s explore further…

Deeper Dive: Can you recall being in an argument where you knew instinctively that you was wrong, but – through sheer stubbornness, and not losing face – you wouldn’t back down?

Only to later reflect how much you regretted becoming embroiled in such a pointless, negative, energy-sapping experience.

Maybe you can recall having a challenge where there wasn’t actually anyone else involved; it was you arguing against YOU? I know I’ve certainly spent more than my fair share of time, in this loveless space.

So if our ego is so damn destructive, why don’t we simply ignore it and cut it out of our lives completely? Maybe it’s because this much ‘maligned master’ of ours can also be our ‘servant saviour’?

Confused? Don’t be!

The Learning: So what’s the answer? Having recently watched Joaquin Phoenix’s Best Actor (2020) Oscar-winning speech, maybe there is a profound solution to be found with Joaquin’s 10-word simple summary…

‘Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow’…

What are your thoughts about the ego – I’d love to know?

Written by Paul. D Lowe

Written by Paul. D Lowe